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Dear all,

I bought a second hand Modus and very happy with the fuel economy, which has actual combined diesel economy of >61 mpg. :d:d

The fuel level indicator is quite accurate. However I have a slight issue. When all fuel boxes disappear, and the last red one starts blinking, my dashboard computer is not showing any range (i.e. miles remaining). The screen shows "---.-". Is this normal? To cut short, my dashboard shows 75 miles remaining and then suddenly it says "---.-", when the red box starts blinking. Does it mean, theoretically, I can still drive another ~60-70 miles on motorway. :confused::confused:

For me it gets sometimes confusing. The last thing I want is to run out of diesel while driving!! :crazy::eek:

My car details are:

2005 (55 number plate)
Modus Expression DCI68 E4
Diesel (JP0G) 1.5 ltr engine
Actual combined fuel economy: 61.38 mpg (measured last week)

Many thanks for your time and reply.

Benzene :cool:
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