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Hello All,

Recently Changed the EGR.

I was getting the "CHECK INJECTION" warning for a bit. I removed the EGR and cleaned it a while back with some success.

The Issue has now returned after a few thousand miles and after 2 weekends of cleaning it to identify the issue I had to give in and get a new one. This has made a noticeable improvement! However, when I am now on the motorway doing 70mph to 80mph the Warning re-appears!

This was the problem before but it just happened at around 50mph. basically you’re driving along and you hear/feel a very slight thud and the warning appears a split second after this happens. If you then attempt to accelerate the engine flat-spots and you cant get any more out of it so you are reduced to using the torque down low and just building up momentum.

If it was a petrol car it feels exactly like the fuel mixture is too rich and/or the PCV system is blocked. I took it to my local garage for it to be plugged in. Guess what... No Fault codes stored. Also if you pull-over, turn off the engine and wait till the car shuts down and the immobilizer light starts flashing and the re-start the warning clears and off you go with no issue... I’m confused!

It was throwing up a mechanical fault beforehand when it went for a standard service and the code was P2263 according to his system which I believe which was pointing to a pressure issue due to a mechanical failure of the EGR and or Turbo.

When you start the Car after a rest overnight or at the end of the working day it throws out a little blue smoke if you rev it, however never any other time after it is warm. A bit when you give it some but I kind of expect that from a diesel. I read somewhere else that some sort of oil drain may be blocked?

Don’t know where to start really as this is my first Diesel and Turbo car and I am learning as I go.

The Engine is a 1.5 DCI 106hp either a K9K 732 or K9K 734 (Not sure what the difference is but I have the one with the perpendicular solenoid EGR Valve, not the straight one).

If someone could Also let me know how to find out what engine model I have that would be handy for further servicing and parts needed.

I have done some research into getting a new turbo and it looks like there is a small housing with a Diaphragm inside it mounted to the turbo. Is this the case? And could this be the issue if it has perished due to the heat?

I am thinking of taking the turbo off and stripping it down and giving it a good clean-out anyway. Does anyone know of a “KIT” which one could order for all the gaskets and seals to re-condition this model of Turbo. Alternatively could someone let me know what I should order if they know of all the parts that I would need to get the job done. Or is it best to just get a new unit.

According to a few websites the part number of the

Turbo for this engine is:
5439 970 0070
5439 970 0030

Any Help would be appreciated

Regards and thanks again for the help


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Blue smoke is oil burning. So you may have an oil leak somewhere along the way. Have you checked the oil level recently?

Sometimes its something simple rather than extensive
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