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I recenly fitted this in the car but have had several issues.. wondered if anyone elase has and how they may have fixed them??

1) When used during a call, the speedo stopped working!... since found out that it was the mute wire, so i have disconnected this and fixed that issue!

2) i now have no mute wires connected to the head unit... should i?.. which one????

3) the dorr lock button on the dash will no longer work.

4) when switching to car stereo, i get no sound at all.. turned the switches on the box to up... which worked, but now after turning it to car stereo, it says on there for around 20 sec then switches back to the TK30...

i dont wanna mess around too much for fear of causing electriacl damage!!... but i cant afford to get a professional to sort it for me...

Any ideas??

(fitted to Clio 2004)
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