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thought I'd introduce myself and brag a little about my 'nault inventory :)

I'm Indrek, from Estonia. My Renault fleet currently consists of two vehicles - a '85 Fuego Turbo and a '06 Laguna Grandtour GT. In past, I have owned yet another '83 Fuego (as my second vehicle when I was 17 - man was that a car after my first one, a 1.1 Golf I) and a '03 Avantime.

So the first Fuego I had kept the idea alive for a long time to get another Fuego and to rebuild it, but it took quite some while to find the Turbo I wanted - there have been altogether 4 Turbos ever registered in Estonia. But on the very last day of 2002 I finally found one and brought it home:

After that, there was time for some body work:

For the worse news, it turned out the engine block had a pretty bad crack in it:

Luckily, I managed to find another block off a R18 Turbo, and rebuild the two engines into one that dynoed 146hp on wheels (the stock one had 132 crank horses).

So the exterior and the engine were done:

Now, it was time for the interior and the ICE:

That's how it stands now. Next step - rebuilding the engine to use fuel injection instead of the original funky carburetted turbo. :)

I'll also post some more pics of my Laguna when I have chance to shoot them, but so far, here's the only one I've got:

Thanks for your attention. :)

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I haven't seen a Fuego in this country for years.....

Nice work,TFR.:):):)
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