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Please educate me on this. As indicated by my VIN, my engine type is K4MA700, please note the A, it is not a typo. This is for a Megane classic, LA04 type, built in 2000, 1600 cc 16 v.

Anyone knows what the A stands for, and how is my engine different than a normal K4M700 one? I could not get an answer from a dealer near by. I am a bit reluctant in ordering parts online just because of the bl%^&$ A, because guess what, online parts factors do not have this engine type in their dbase either...

As always, tia for all the answers.

The K4M means its a 1.6 so you should be okay ordering head gaskets and timing belts spark plugs, oil filters.

I have no idea about the A ?

The 700 means it's a manual application engine as opposed to a 701 which would be an automatic engine application. The difference being the bolt hole positions (PCD) in the end of the crank shafts are different so you can't bolt a flywheel and clutch to a 701 crank shaft and you can't bolt a torque converter to a 700 manual crank shaft.

Sorry I know it doesn't answer your question about the A

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Mine has the 'A' in the engine code on the block.
Doesn't seem to be anything special about my car and parts not posed a problem upto now.
The A could mean it's a European spec engine or some other meaningless drivel so I wouldn't worry about it.
As Recycled said, It's the K4M that's the main identifier for your engine.
Vehicle type is LA04 which you may need for some parts.
Just order parts by the reg number and you should be ok.
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