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Hello. I'm sorry but I feel a bit of an imposter. I don't have a Renault and I don't really know much about cars. But I was recommended to ask you for advice.

My mothers car broke down recently.
Megan Scenic RN. 2001
80 000miles

She has been told by two garages that it is the cam belt, something else about how she tried to start the engine once it broke down and the pistons have "reset" themselves. Now told that her engine will probably have to be "re-bored" and may cost her 1000.

This is ok, but my main concern is that she takes it to a official Renault dealer to have it serviced every year. last time was in November less than six months ago.

I just want to know whether the dealer should of seen that a new cam belt was needed, and if so, whether there is any case for me to chase them up on this.

Sorry I cant contribute back to your excellent forum. I'm an idiot with cars and sort of want to help mum out on this, she's retired and I don't want her to get ripped off as I now know she has been in the past. Will appreciate any help I can get.

Thank you.

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No need to feel like an imposter and welcome to the forums. Lots of us (me included) don't *really* know anything to be honest ;)

Some more details that might help:

1. Year of manufacture
2. List of services including whether a cam belt was changed

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Hi there, from experiance (not personal but freinds & relatives) most dealers won't suggest a belt change at time of service, you have to ask. Which seems pretty stupid because the whole point of the servicve is to tell you what is wrong with your car, sort of a mini MOT if you like, you pay enough money for it so you'd think they'd do the job properly. I guess some are just lazy and do the basic service without looking over the rest of the car.
Chris is right, 72k or 5 years what ever comes first. I know this as mine is due!!!
£1000 quote from a main dealer sounds about right though, might be worth seeing if you can find a reliable independant garage though, asking friends where they go and what kind of service they have recieved is a good start. You'll probably cut that bill in half. My mother snapped her belt on her 1.4 16V astra and took it to a garage to get it fixed before seeing me, silly girl!! To get the car back on the road cost her a little over £450. They replaced 10 valves out of a total of 16 and skimmed the head. Not a bad price considering I could've done it cheaper!! Saves me a job I suppose as these days all I seem to do in my spare time is work on the family cars!
Question what they ment by having the engine re-bored though, only reason they should be doing this is if the pistons need replacing, most of the time when a cam belt snaps they don't, just the valves get bent when they hit the pistons. In which case they'll have to replace the valves and grind them back into the head to give them a proper seal. Even if they replace the pistons they should be able to go for standard fit with oversize piston rings to take up the wear on the eingine, then it's just a case of 'cross hatching' basicly cleaning the cylinder ready to accept the new piston. All in all tell them replace the valves and skim the head if need be (doesn't need doing all the time but they probably will just to cover their own backs) Hope my rant helps a bit! let us know how you get on.
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