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Hi there,
I’m a ‘Brand-Newby’ to forums of any type (well I did dabble with some dodgy ones when I was much younger, but have put that behind me now).
So it's A big HI from me to all of you on this gorgeous day.
We seem to have an affinity for Scenic 11’s and are on our 6th! It’s a 2003 Fiji with only 30,000 miles on the clock (one owner – FSH – dream car).
The one thing we have probs. with is the flippin stereo. Think it’s on its last legs so I’d like to exchange it. Halfords seem to be doing some good deals at present on Sony & Kenwood’s (c/w facia plate). Desirable MP3 input and about 4x50 watts output. Obviously connection to stalk remote also needed.
Just wondered if anyone had a nice system that they wanted to sell separately to std. System or knew of some ‘good-deals’ anywhere. Look fwd to hearing from you in due course.
Have a good-holiday.
PS. Got a pair of Thule roof-bars for above + a clever 3 push-bike carrier that mounts high on back screen to prevent number plate being blocked, if anyone’s interested.


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Hello and welcome to the forum :)

Might be worth a trawl on Fleabay ?
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