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They seem to be dragging there feet on it a bit and trying to avoid using
the dogs name but hopefully it will get done.
This is the BBMF one over the Derwent res a wile back.

I knew the owner of the firm that built the Stukas for
the Film Battle of Britain if you look in some clips you
can just make out strengthening along the rear fuselage
this was due to the tails coming off as they pulled out,
he did say they asked someone that was involved in the
design of the real ones and he said so did the real ones.

If you look at the Heinkels and Messerschmitts they were
post war Spanish built aircraft with Merlins fitted the position
of the exhausts are the give away.


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Seems apt :grin2:

A German lorry driver in a pub in Newcastle is gobbing off how lazy British truck drivers are.
He's bragging that he drives his load from Hamburg, goes through Holland,
Belgium up to Newcastle and back to Hamburg in just two days.
This old Geordie man mutters up, "Ah, way ay I used to pick up me load in Newcastle,
drop off in Hamburg and be back in Newcastle for a fish and chip supper the same day".
The gobby German trucker says, " Oh yah, vot rig were you driving then?"
After taking a long swig of his Pint of Newcastle Brown, the old fella replies..........
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