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Im new to the forum world so you will have to bear with me!! I own a Clio 02 black 1.2 16v dyminique its my baby.
A few weeks ago it rained quite heavy, on the morning I got into my car and i noticed a dripping noise on a bag which I placed in the passenger footwell, I looked up and noticed water was dripping in by the sunvisor!. So I took the car to a windscreen specialist who so say took out the seal and cleaned it up. Since then it has rained again but it still leaks and now I have a lovely stain on my interior! I have contacted a main dealer who have quoted me £75 for a seal or £265 for a complete frame plus £70/hr fitting!!! Obviously I dont want to spend this type of dosh if it is a simple thing I can do! Can anyone help???
Sad clio owner:(
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