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I have searched and searched, and nothing comes up - but I am sure that many people here can help me easily.

I have a 2.2 petrol Espace 2 from 1996.
It lost fifth gear some time ago, and I read everywhere about how simple it should be to fix, so I had a go.

I don't know if it worked or not, but I have a problem now that prevents me from putting the box back together... and something else happened that worries me a little!

So, I took off the back section and everywhere that I have read tells me to watch for the ball and the spring... collect the ball, and carefully store it for later.
It turned out that my lack of finding the ball was due to a part coming off with the back section, that would normally stay in... I would call it a fork, it is gold coloured, and has two arms that wrap around a gear wheel in the top left side (looking forward).

So the ball was being kept in the right place by the presence of this fork... but of course the ball from the other end fell out, and instead of falling back, when I tried to get it it fell into the main part of the gearbox.

First question then: does that matter? Can I just get another ball, pop it in the right place and reassemble?
Or, can I manage without this ball?

The second problem is easier to solve for anyone that has done this before...

I set the gear into 3rd before dismantling, as I read this was the easiest position for removal with things lined up etc... you know that right?

So, putting the end back on, and holding the selector in the right place, I have knocked the fork-things around, and now I don't know how they should look, and more importantly I can't make the end go back on, as I can't line things up.

SO - all help greatfully received... please!!

It would also be good to know if I stand a chance of fixing the fifth gear while I am in the back... I am of the opinion now that I may have a different box to the one they all say is simple!!

Thanks everso much...


PS. It is incredibly difficult to look up NG3 gearbox on Google, those guys in Nottingham must get so much work!!

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If its anthing like the JB1 or JB3 box, that ball will definately matter and you will need to get it out of the box to keep it from coming into the gears.

The gold colloured fork is called the gear selector fork.

on the JB1 and 3 you have to pull the reverse shaft outward for the casings to fit together again.

I have a book on JB0 to JB5 and JC5 if you pm me your email ad I can send it to you, it may be similar.

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Thank you for the reply.

I have a book for the NG gearboxes, so thanks for the offer to send, but no need.
I read it almost cover to cover last night after posting, and know much more now, but not everything!!

Here in France, replacing the box isn't really an option, as it costs the same as the whole car of the same age! So either I wait until I am in the UK next, or I get another car and swap it myself...

So, I think on Saturday I will be trying to open the box.

Any ideas anywhere about how to line up the forks so I can slide the back cover on again?

Thanks again to all who read...

And if anyone wants the NG box book, PM me.
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