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I have a laguna II and am looking for a cable to plugi into the obd connector under the ash tray.

I am looking to do this as my car seems to randomly cut out and Id like to see if there are any errors reported without first going to a dealer.

Does anyone know if something like this would be compatiable? VAG-COM COMPATIBLE OBD 2 II AUDI VW SKODA CABLE OC (item 230105221749 end time 18-Mar-07 19:45:16 GMT)

and get some software to hook it up to my laptop? Any suggestions on software?

Does anyone know any specific forums that deal with obd cables and software and changing the software the engine is using?



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Well its not quite as easy as a direct link between car and PC.
You need a convertor inbetween to take the signal the car uses and turn it into data a computer uses.
The most common home one I think is the elmscan 5. This has all to protocalls for all makes of cars so you can help your mates out as well.
You can get single protocall devices that work on certain makes for about £60.

The elmscan sells for around £90 with the cable and software.

One can be found here: Scantool Elmscan5 USB package

Hope that helps.
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