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My name is Joe

I have a Renault

I know where to go

So I don't put my toe

Into the cold snow

When I drive to the show

That's in the chateau

In my little Clio.

OK, poetry aside, I'm an American living in Belgium. I've presently got a late 2003 Clio 5 door dCi 82 with over 194000 Km. this car was sold new in Germany and my local Renault garage says he's never seen the interior and wheels before. I have no idea what the series or trim level is.

Previous Renaults include a 4L, 5TS, Super 5GTD, 11, Medallion (USA version of the 21) LX and a 1999 Clio 2 RT 1.9D 5 door, the only one I bought new. My dad owned a 16 and later a 10 in the USA. My favorite Renaults are the R25 phase 2 and the Floride/Caravelle. For all that, my first love is Alfa Romeo. I was living in the UK in the mid 80's and bought a new Alfasud TI 105 from the Alfa dealer in Peterborough. I've had a number of other Alfas over the years including a 2600SZ and a 1300JZ.

I'm something of a motorhead and have sold car parts and tires in the past. I also follow industry trends. I'm also interested in public transport, coaches, trains, photography and jazz from the mid-20's to the mid-40's. And Rainbow Brite, my daughter's favorite toy way back when. I also drive a lot. My daily commute is almost 100 miles round trip so over 50K miles a year is pretty standard for me.

And if you're trying to figure out my screen name, it has to do with the fact that after more than 20 years of the Clio, Renault has never thought to use that as the name of a special series or trim level. Cliopatra (mine's the French spelling) is a perfect fit but I guess that Renault has never figured it out.

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Hello and welcome to the forum :)

I bet you grew up with Dr Seus and you liked the cat in the hat books when you were a kid :d
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