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I have a high mileage but very well maintained 2010 2.0 DCi115 Trafic II Passenger which I have converted to a camper van.
It started making a clonking sound in September, which only happens when setting off or braking. It seemed to be coming from the driver’ side and you can feel the clock through the pedals. It occasionally did it on full lock but only when moving off (forwards mainly but I can make it clonk in reverse too).
It passed an MOT in October, where you would think any looseness in ball joints or bushes, steering or otherwise would be picked up, but it passed the test and the examiner said how clean the vehicle was an well maintained. I fitted new discs, bearings and pads when I bought it 12 months ago. They are all still tight and working ok.
I checked the suspension on both sides and changed the following which were showing signs of wear: strut top bearings and rubber mounts, bottom suspension arm, drop links and a ball joint. None of which cured the clonking noise. The springs, shocks, CV joints on the driveshaft and carrier bearing all feel tight. I had a new gearbox fitted in October, after I started hearing the noise (the gearbox bearing failed as did an oil seal), and surely the garage would have spotted any issues with the gearbox mount or anything hitting anything (I was thinking exhaust but it looks to be ok and not loose or moving when engine is under load or braking ?) as they dismantled many things to get the gearbox out and in.
However as the noise seems to occur when the engine moves back or forward under acceleration or braking (but only once each time) I then changed the driver’s side engine mount and the two dog-bone shaped engine stabilisers. Still the clonking noise is there.
I have bought new anti-roll bar bushes and will change them this weekend but I am running out of ideas. It has been into two garages who acknowledge that they can hear/experience the clonk but can’t find anything wrong – hence my approach to swap out the lower costs parts one by one (many needed swapping out to be honest and the car drives better I think). I think the sub-frame bushes are ok and the two braces underneath seem tight.
I have read so many posts on the internet forums and watched so many Youtube videos that I can now identify any noise other than mine !! I am running out of ideas L
Again the clonk is loud, you hear it once just after you begin accelerating and just once when braking. At other times the van drives really well without noise at any speed.
HELP !!!!!
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