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we have no idea what you are on about
What the tuck is a purge valve on a diesel for 1
You are using P codes , which is a big NO NO on Renaults at the best of times
The P0 codes MIGHT cross over , But the info, can it be trusted
Only P0 codes are up to P999, and these are standard emission test codes THAT ALL manufacturers must follow, but even these are hit and miss on a Renault
Cannot find it in Renault Database

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very sad that no one since i joined the forum helped me with problems with my car , Q??? the forum is for what then???
Hello yos1111 joe,
I'm sorry you appear to be a little dissatisfied with the responses.
I can assure you this Forum is great, and if someone knows the answer they will post it. With internet forums it is rare for someone to post "Sorry I don't know the answer." :( They normally just move on to the next problem if they can't help.
Please remember the forum members are a wide range of people, from a huge range of backgrounds, age and experience, who log on for free, mostly in their spare time, and do what they can. Some are professional mechanics, but many of us are Renault owners who've experienced the same frustrations as yourself.
I have looked at your six threads:
"Error p1493"
"front left led"
"android auto activation"
"radio module"
"kadjar1.5dci egr B location"
... and I can see that you've had some responses, but also that the information needed is less common than many questions/problems posted up on here, and it seems that very few people know the answers. I can also say that sadly I don't know the answers to your Kadjar issues.
I can also say (from experience) that if you get a response from one of our long-term members with a zillion posts to their name, then they are genuinely trying to help as best they can, so do get back to them, thank them for their help so far, and add a little more information if you can.

As general advice, I'd say:-
- always post the full details of your car, i.e. model, age, engine (petrol/diesel and cc size), gearbox (manual/auto) on every new thread, just in case we don't remember it from your previous thread;
- always add a little extra information as to how you arrived at the problem, not just the problem itself;
- try to sound happy, even if you're not! :mad: I know from my own experience with our Clio that it's easy to become frustrated with the car and to carry that frustration through to the on-line posts;
- accept that sometimes you may not get the answer you want - after all, we are not Renault dealers charging £100 per hour for our advice!

I hope that helps.
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