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What is a MAP malfunction? A wiring fault? becasue ive replaced the map. The MPG on a run is a rubbish 26mpg & it seems to go fine along the motorway.

Ive recently doen the headgasket on my 2.2 dci mk3 espace its the G9T710 Engine + fitted a recon turbo + full timing belt kit, recent boost valve & map (not maf) sensor+ full filter service+ new crank sensor+ starts first time + and doesnt blow out any black smoke even when asking the turbo for some umph !

I dont appear to have any power/no turbo boost & the car seems guttless, it takes ages to accelerate. Ive had it a on a scnning tool and it came up with the above fault code. Which can be cleared and after it started and driven comes back again.

Ive measured the vacuum to from & to the turbo actuator at idle and im getting 25 inmg.

Ive checked all pipes, vaccum tubes etc which are all fine.

Sometimes as soon as i start the car within seconds i get the electronic zigzag symbol follwed by service.

Other times i get the zig zag symbol coming up when i have to almost floor the car going up a slight incline. Which may be a over boost issue?

Has any one an ecu pinout?
What is the vacuum pressures?
What are the inlet pressure's
What rpm is the turbo supposed to kick in.


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