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Hi everyone, Im thinking at the moment of ways to make my car look a little nicer, I have a clio dci 1.5 its the paint code ov460, Im thinking of painting all the plastic trim, has anyone got any pointers?

From looking on here you need to sand it flat use a black primer and its best to go to the dealer to get the paint? any other pointers?

Also just general opinions, do you think its nicer to paint just the sides of the car or the front and rear plastic moulds too?



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If its at all possible, remove the trim panels you want to paint.

This makes sanding & painting much easier, plus you can do this indoors and therefore get a better finish (and there's no masking/overspray issues).

Its a personal taste thing, how many pieces to paint - I'd get the rubbing strips done, and see what you think about how it looks (and how much work is involved):d.

Any automotive paint supplier should be used, not necessary from a renault dealer (some are online), Halfords clear lacquer (600ml size), is good value, and applies easily.

If you'd like any advice/assistance, please don't hesitate to ask away, and if possible, take pics of the work from start to completion.


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