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I still reckon the best private plate I have seen is on a Mercedes that lives somewhere local, I used to see it regularly and it always made me smile.
The owner, an elderly Sikh gentleman obviously had a sense of humour... the plate, PAK 1

The other local one that I would love to know the back story to is H8 DEB.... just what did Deb do?
An old boss of mine had a big shiny black Lexus or BMW SUV, something like that, which he liked to tow his giant boat around with. His plates were "EXCUSEME". He's and Indian fella too (not that that means anything).
Another good one I saw was "BIMBO" on a pink background, on a Toyota Celica a few years back. She pulled out in front of me of course, as I was slowing down at traffic lights in a semi-trailer. I hopped out and advised the young lady to spend money on driving lessons rather than fancy number plates.
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