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Hi, everyone, I am posting as a last chance for my Megane II dci 120.

The car is now on 115,000 miles and it does a 70 mile round trip 5 days a week. when it was on 95,000 its turbo blew up, I managed to stall it to prevent any damage to the engine. It had a reconditioned turbo fitted and has been driving fine ever since. There are no warning lights, it has been on the diagnostic machine multiple times and yet it still struggles to get above 42mpg. Before the turbo blew it was at 55mpg easily, at least 60miles per day is done on the A1 at about 60mph sitting in 6th so there is very little around town driving.

I just don't know what could be causing it, I cant find anything similar online, no mechanic has been able to diagnose it, and it is coming to the point that with the price of diesel going up so much I simply cant afford to keep it as my commute car and will have to change it for something that gets closer to 60mpg.

any ideas are more than welcome.
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