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Hi all,
I know we generally come on here to discuss, rant and rave etc about problems with our Renaults, the dealerships etc..... but I actually want to praise a dealership.
Bristo's in Ipswich last week done an excellent job with my laguna after the turbo went.
The turbo blew on Sunday night.
RAC towed my laguna to Ipswich Renault where we left a note with the keys.
Next morning phone calls were made to discuss the problem.
On Tuesday they had the vehicle inside for diagnostics and confirmed it was the turbo.
Now, my laguna is 4 1/2 years old with 62000 on the clock.
18k and 36k services done by renault but 54k done elsewhere.
The warranty guy at the dealership managed to get 100% payment from Renault UK even tho the 54k had used the wrong oil...semi synthetic insted of fully.
I had my vehicle returned to me Friday morning all perfect.
What impressed me most was the lines of communication from the dealership. I knew exactly where I stood with regards to warranty, workshop timings etc .
Thank you Ipswich Renault for a job well done.

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Great news, Delighted you got it all done under warranty... A huge saving there .

Thanks for letting us know.


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