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I have a Laguna II 1.6 (March 2001) which I have owned for the last 6 years. I need to have a new throttle body fitted but want to avoid exorbitant dealer prices in London :( The part also comes with a CD which Renault say needs to be used to program it. I presume it contains some sort of map for the ECU to use to control the throttle body.

Can this be only done with clip? Or do some universal readers have the capability to do this which means they do not need to read the CD?

Lots of people seem to have had a throttle body replaced so I am hoping someone knows...

Some background:

Recently, the PCB on the throttle body became faulty - this was the only error shown by the ECU. The car would go into safety mode of revving on its own between 2-3k. This would usually be triggered when the engine was being stressed and it was a warm day. This began occuring more frequently - so I am satisfied this was an electronic fault.

The throttle body in my car is plastic (and I believe original). I picked up a metal one from a 2002 1.6 Laguna at a scrapyard. My local mechanic fitted it, but I get lots of errors now. Also the car revs slightly higher at idle, revs 'stick' for a sec once I'm off the accelerator and the warning light illuminates on every cold start. I guess it's not compatible with my ecu.

So I've now ordered a new throttle body from Renault. This is also metal and is a different part number to my original one, but they assure me it is the correct one.

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you need to get hold of a second hand throttle body(not a mortage from the dealership) off another 1.6L lag2. (matching part numbers would help as well) there are several parts kicking about.

i know they have one here, or check on fleabay, its worth a try.

part should set you back about £30-40 +P&P
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