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I have a Megane Coupe with proximity keys and I am getting locked out of the car.

About three times a week I am retuning to the car and unable to open the doors by holding the handle the card also doesn't open the doors with the buttons.

I am having to get in via the passengers door using the metal key and then put the card into the reader to unlock drivers door.

The car will not start without key in reader and says NO CARD DETECTED, ( card reader flashes) If I push button to turn ignition off it says push button twice, I cant lock the doors unless I hold the internal lock button in with drivers door open then shut it

If I spend about 20mins switching ignition on and off , the car eventually seems to detect the proximity key and allows me to turn the ignition off by one push of button ( without card in reader) , doing this allows me to lock the doors by pushing the door handle button.
The proximity key may work normally for several days before it happens again .

It happens with both fobs that have new batteries.

I went to the dealer and he says unlikely reprogramming the keys will help as they are being recognised by the vehicle , is it the reader in the car not recognising the keys now and again , is something jamming the signal btwn cards and car??

A couple of times it has happened I have walked away from vehicle waited 5 mins then walked back and the proximity key has then worked
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