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> Hi guys
> Iam at my wits end as I bought a Clio 03 7months ago, for three of these
months it's
> sat outside the house, I have changed coil, tdc sencer.Now lost heart
and got it on
> a diaognostic at my local garage (as advised by my Renault garage
because their's
> was not working??) History - soon after buying we experienced the alarms
going off
> for no apparent reason. Then we experienced starting problems - then
both engine
> symbol light and fuel ingress light - but altho infrequent and for no
reason they
> came on and off. Then the red light just below the gear stick would
flash and stay
> on?? while driving. On one occasion the car would not start, but after a
> started but would not rev. I selected 1st gear - moved it a yard and it
reved and
> drove as good as before. Now the car turns over but will not fire. So
now I have
> bitten the bullet and got a diognastic check ,the diognastic shows
immmobliser or
> ecu to be the problem, at a cost of £600 to £1000 to put right - and
> enough, only Renault can fix it! Are they having a laugh? This car has
only done
> 30,000 miles is there any help or advise to be had, all would be
greatfully received

New news - they (Renault) say wiring harness (cost £300) broken in a number of places and not really sure????? At least **** Turpin put a mask on!!
£204 (2hr labour) £50 diogastic - £50 harness

Oh i also own BMW Z3, BMW323i and Renault Laguna - if they think that Iam going to be held to ransom THINK ON -
CLIO and LAGUNA for sale!
An unhappy Paul :steam:

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Hello & welcome to the forums.

Wow, what a catalogue of problems - I was just wondering did you buy the car from the Renault garage who have been carrying out the work on it, or was is sourced elsewhere?


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Hello & Welcome to the Forums Clarkson.

Jeez that is big problems, Loom failure is a common fault and very difficult to remedy.



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see what you mean truckbusuk

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ransom demand 2

First thanks for your intrest guys, No a small garage (but must say a good reputation) i had gone back to this garage with the first showing of the dash lights, they made me feel small cos all he did was reved the car and both lights went out ha ha???:confused: can this harness be fitted by the garage that services my other cars? Guys that I have trust in and dont charge £102 an hour, or am I just a skinflint??? I ask how can this harness break (maybe the loose black box at the back of the engine of which all Clios (of this age)
have from new)
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