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Hello .
Hope all you members are well.
Got a question for all you learned members.
Hopefully a solution to this problem can be resolved.
Reanault Master, 2.5 , 120 dti, 2007 model. G9uc 754 engine.
Replaced rear main oil seal when replacing clutch and pressure plate as well as concentric slave cylinder as well as pilot bearing.
Replaced main oil seal with a original quality from the Dealership . Fitted it and put it in flush against the engine. Exact same position as it had came out .
Did approximately 500 kilometres and it started leaking .
Removed the inspection plate between the gearbox and engine and oil was dripping out.
Oil level dipstick confirmed a drop in oil level.
Any suggestions Ladies and Gentlemen.
Must this come all apart and another new seal put back in again.
Exasperated! Frustrated !!!
Thanks one and all.
Keep safe.
God Bless.

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Did you use a Locking Compound on the Flywheel bolts ( Something like Loctite )
We have had this on here before, member didn't use thread lock
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