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HI All, my name is Tony new to the site hoping to receive and help others with information for Renault vehicles.
I own a Renault Megane mk 3 estate 1.5 diesel 110 which is cheap to run and has good features.
Does anyone on this site use a cheap blue tooth can clip with a VAS 5054A on their laptop?
I want to replace a faulty injector and put the code into the ecu myself.
Any feedback would be appreciated.

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You could try the EDIC driver, but not come across anyone saying Vas Head will work on
Can Clip Software, even for Passthrough Coding
Not even found the DRIVER for Can Clip to allow pass through coding ( Yep we know its a legal requirement but as of yet,, not seen it) Or looked for it

You MIGHT be able to diagnose Using VAS PC, ( OBD ) not sure if Odis would allow just OBD reading ..
Not tried myself, as only use the VAS head for VAG cars
REN-com uses SuperScan software,
Again, never tried to see if VAS would connect..
If you could find the OBD file you could try and change the file to accept VAS head,

Would be interesting to see if you can ..
Good luck with it
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