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Hi iam sure someone will help soon a bit much for me my friend to start to describe apart from that not that familiar with the Clio

Let's be carefull out there
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the basic procedure is.

Manual Steering

1. chock rear wheels, apply handbrake jack up front of car & support on axle stands. Remove wheels.

2. Remove nuts securing track rod balljoints to swivel hub, release ball joints usind splitter.

3. From under car, cut retaining clip and fold back cover to access intermediate shaft universal joint.

4. mark the position of UJ and steering rack using punch / tip ex, remove nut and clamp bolt.

5. remove the 2 nuts / bolts securing steering rack to subframe,

6. release steering gear pinion from UJ, remove sideways through wheel arch.

Power Steering

Disconnect battery, clamp supply and return hoses near power steering resovoir.

follow 1-4 above

5 remove nut holding feed pipe support bracket to steering rack housing, mark pipe joints for ease of assembly, undo feed and return pipes, beware of leaking fluid, plug all pipe ends to prevent contamination.

6. Remove the 4 mounting bolts securing steering rack to subframe and remove mounting clamps.

7. release steering gear pinion from UJ and remove rack through wheel arch.
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