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Hello all.

currently living in Italy and have bought 1997 clio 1149cc D7f engined ice model. left hand drive.

My problem is how to check that cam belt has been changed as promised by Italian garage when I bought it 1 week ago.

manual is all in Italian, i have bought second hand haynes manual off ebay but have to wait two months to pick up from back home.

This model unfortunately seems to make even looking at cam belt difficult, am I right in thinking I have to remove engine mounts, air con and alternator drives eeetc. just to be able to remove metal casing to inspect belt. There is small rubber bung in casing but the only limited view is of cam wheel and small dark view of belt, only able to tell that belt is there but not condition. the belt does fill the groves fully in wheel, is this a sign of new belt or do old belts still fill grooves.

Any help much appreciated.

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