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Help needed

I have followed the instructions and diagrams on the FAQ on removing the hub and replacing the bearings on my son's Clio.

However I have encountered problems.

As described I removed the brake caliper, trackrod end, and the upper and lower suspension struts. The hub assembly now floats around freely but is obviously still attached to the drive train.

I have not yet removed the front disc - do I have to?

Also the main problem is that I'm not sure exactly where the hub will come away from the rest of the drive train. There is a large boot cover which seems to be well fitted and not keen to come off and I'm wondering if the split I'm looking for is under there somewhere.

The FAQ suggests that once I have removed all the bits listed in red above then the hub should just pull away but at the moment mine doesn't seem too keen!

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Let's be carefull out there
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The 1st thing you should have done was remove the large nut in the centre of the hub, it's also worth removing the brake disc.
With the other bits removed the hub should pull off, if it's stuck use a puller on oi (or a tap with a rubber mallet).
The bearings are in the hub carrier.
The rubber boot is the boot fr the CV joint, dont disturb it, if it tears it needs replacing.
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