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Does anybody know of a good Renault Dealer???

Took my laguna 2 in the other day for a repair to the cruise control. They seem to have fixed it, time will tell, as last time the repair lasted about 2 months!!!

When I asked them to tell me what had to be done, they were as vague as they could be. Then tried telling me that they had completed a clutch recall - which had been done months ago.

Then to top that when I got into the car, it failed to start properly!!! And basically called me a liar, about the condition of the car when I dropped it of.

Just when you think they couldn't get any worse - my mother took her now 3yr old scenic for its first MOT. It failed on rear brake pads, and they told her that she had to have the job done at the garage as she couldn't drive the car away from the garage without an MOT.

Needless to say I hit the roof!! went straight round there and had it out with them.

Just seems like this dealers staff haven't got a clue what they are doing.

So if anyone knows a good dealer in North Staffs / South Chesire they please let me know.
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