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Renault espace dci 2.2 mk4 g9t engine

Hi all, I have a big trouble with my car, starts on idle and works ok, but when i push the pedal to accelarate the engine
revs goes up and down to 1400 rpm (900rpm-1400 up and down) and the glow plug light flashing (only when i push the pedal and the revs goes up and down to 1400 rpm max).
I have change all the sensors,

1 4 injectors
2 crank sensor
3 egr valve
4 cam sensor
5 fuel pressure reg.
6 fuel pressure sensor (up on the common raill)
7 fuel pump.
8 ecu.

i have strip the engine and open the cylinder head and remake valves and ctr...
but i have this big problem and the car is parked out side my house for 8 months and not move because
of this...
i was having a problem in the past because one cut wire in the wiring loom and the car was not start at all, but i
have fixed.
Please help me!
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