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If it helps. There is a quite simple way to get Espace light units to a position where you can actually change bulbs, alter things without losing all the skin from your fingers. OK, not that easy but bear with me.

1. Unclip all the plastic trim clips along the top edge outside of the rubber seal. pull the rubber seal free of the sides.

2. Remove the side trims by gently pulling forward to unhook the lug at the rear.

3.On the front grille pieces, pull the lower edges out to release the clips, then push the studs in to free the top and unhook the inner hook to remove.

4. Next, gently (it's always gently!!), release the lugs and remove the two inner guide plates from the main bumper.

5. Now, finally, using a the right long handled driver, you can undo the two mounting bolts each side. Once done, the light units are held by a lug underneath, that you pull the unit forward to release.

6. You can now wiggle the whole light unit about and lift it clear of the car with just the wiring connector to unplug. Once done it makes it easier to get to all the individual light covers and lighting beneath.

Refit in reverse.

My side lights were very old and dim, and again, 501 LEDs are a nice upgrade. If I had the time, I'd heat the units to soften the bonding and remove the glass and install those strip DRL type Phase 3 style lights. But I don't.
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