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Good morning
I have problem with this machine that accelerating the recovery and very slow and the injection control light comes on canceling disappears error but you can do the round you return.

controlled wastegate with pump empty and it keeps the pressure. turbine has no play.

I bypassed the turbine pressure actuator, thus making the turbine work again, I blew the sensor and mounted the normal machine back, but when we decided to change the actuator with a new actuator, the first 3km of the car was fine, thenagain have the same problem, bypassing the turbo work but connecting on sensor does not go.

the tubes already checked and are good,

I would like your opinion.We are undecided whether to change the turbine or not, that is, if the broken turbine should not have gone by bypassing the actuator (I put a T to connect the 2 pipes to each other) or even for a ride with an old actuator.

it does not consume oil, it does not smoke, no noise or loss of air.

with vacum puml vgt rod goes up and down regular I guess the commander does not arrive from the control unit to the solenoid diagnsoi if the solenoid valve is active it works.
Error df569 / p0299 boost pressure too low.
Thank you

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