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Hi can someone help please I have a renault grand scenic 2010 m1, my window wipers stopped working last week but then worked again, now stopped altogether again the passenger one sometimes works but the drivers doesn't at all,
1.does anyone know where the fuses are
2.does anyone know where the relay is
3.ive done the inialize thing but not worked
4. Should I just buy new motors
Please someone help?

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Look in your fuse box, there should be a wiper fuse with wiper logo on it.
According to others on here the circuit boards that control the wipers on this car fail by the capacitor and mosfets failing on the board. Not a difficult job if you are good at soldering but sourcing the mofets is a bit difficult.

Have a look at this thread

2010 Grand Scenic wipers not working.

New motors will set you back the best part of £600 I believe, secondhand on ebay they are expensive around £150 each, and likely to have the same problem shortly in the future.

I was thinking of starting a repair service for them as a sideline to keep me occupied in my retirement.

I believe the right hand wiper is the control wiper and the left wiper is a slave that follows the right.
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