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Hope someone can help me out here,I have a 54 plate grand scenic 1.9 diesel, I had it valeted and the carpet got saturated with water, ever since when i take the key card out of the ignition the lcd rev counter stays on and if not used will eventually drain the battery.I have took it in to renault for diagnostics and they have said fault is in 1 of 2 places ,either upc or the main wiring loom.I beleive the upc is under bonnet and has no signs of corrosion it would make sense wiring fault is on the main loom which i believe is under the seats.I am going to get seats carpet etc removed to check main loom.Can anyone give me an idea on what i should expect to see of this loom? Is the loom easy to get at once interior removed for diagnosis?I am suspecting some sort of short in the wiring under there how many wires are under there etc?

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