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Hi Everyone,

Im new to the forum but am hoping you maybe able to assist with a very Persistant fault on a Renault Laguna.

It all Started with a Dash warning light (Eltronic Malfunction) and then Loss of Power and No Throttle, Followed by the Revs Fluctuating Between 2000 - 3500 and being very Irratic.

Plugged in Diagnostics and the Fault was P0120 TP / Sensor, Thought this was good so Replaced Electronic Throttle Pedal and all was good for 4 days..... Then Fault came back so seek some advice from Renault and they surgested checking the UCH for water ingress which I did.
The Uch seemed all Good but cleaned the circuit board anyway. Then Checked Main Ecu wiring and also the Purple connectors for any corrosion but none found.

Back to the drawing Board.....

Fault seemed to appear when car was warming up so carried out Live Data and saw the Engine Temp sensor Dropping from 50c to 20c and the Intake Temp Sensor Drop from 17c down to -20c.
So next was 2 new sensors and a Long road test and All was fine...... But then it appeared again.....

Please help as I losing the Will to Live.....
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