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Hey guys, a bit of history: I got my car into the official renault service in my town and the DTCs they found were:
  • DTCC12600 - Missing communication from steering wheel angle sensor
  • DTCD00088 - This one just reads "multiplex network"
  • DTCC12900 - ABS/ESP multiplex communication missing​
Now, these codes were found across multiple sessions of going into the shop. The electrician dude working there said that he checked all the wires and he couldn't find anything (which I doubt he's done correctly). And he wants to change the whole pump (but he was visibly not sure about this replacement fixing the issue, and by watching DiagnoseDan and ScannerDanner I can clearly see this is not how things are done, you don't just change parts based on guesses).

So I bought a "Renault CAN clip" (which is probably a chinese knockoff since it was only ~150$) and a multimeter so I can check the wires based on wiring diagrams. But looking at the live data for PAS in CAN clip I noticed that the value for "Current absorbed by motor" goes from 2A to 60A and even 90A at times, and reading the "reference values" it says that it should be in between 2 and 30A.

Also the only DTC I have right now is in the "instrument panel" computer. Which says something like "the DTC actually refers to an issue with the PAS, please check that compute for DTC" and I have 0 DTCs there.

Is that something I should look into further? or is there something else I should do first? can I maybe test the pump myself somehow? or would this somehow be a short circuit somewhere?

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Hopefully someone can help you ..Latitude is not a UK model though..馃檪
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