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hi had my megane 1.9dci a few weeks and tried the aircon not blowing very cold air at all have let it run for a while no difference any ideas thanks:confused:
Hello and welcome to the forum.:)

You should hear the compressor clutch kicking in and out if the aircon is working,you should also be able to feel an obvious temperature difference between the high and low pressure pipes under the bonnet.

If neither is apparent then the aircon isn't working,and it's time to either take it back to the dealer you bought it from and get them to sort it out or get the gas pressure checked at an aircon specialist yourself if you bought the car privately.The most common cause of failed aircon is the system running low on pressure,if this isn't the case then it can be a failed compressor clutch,pressure switch or any number of other things and an aircon specialist really is the place to take it rather than a well known franchise chain or a garage that have the equipment to regas aircon but not the knowledge to be able to actually repair the problem
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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