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In May I am picking up my brand new Renault Megane Coupe Cabriolet TCe 180 GT.

I am wondering how flexible they are to mod. I know they have not been out that long thats why I am posting on a forum. I believe they can be remapped, but what about induction kits? I search online and theres nothing about. Can I presume that all parts under the bonnet from the Coupe version are the same for the Coupe Cabriolet?

Also, I understand that the MeganeSport has a 2.0L engine. What is the difference in the engine between that one and the 2.0L im getting in mine? Is the engine the same but modded or is it a completely different engine? Basically I want to know the scope of performance improvements I can do to the car I will be getting.

Last question: With the GT version the car is lowered by 12mm, however they do not do this on the Coupe-Cabriolet version of the car as they state they keep the comfort by keeping the same suspension. Do you know where/if I can get the car lowered to another 12mm? Would renault do it if I ask them?


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