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hi guys

I have just joined the site and could do with some help with some problems i have with my 2003 megane II 1.9 dci 120. Any help from owners having experienced similar problems would be greatly appritiated! Here goes.....
My megane has done 121000 miles, at 114000 miles the turbo oil seals failed and the engine ran off its oil melting 3 of the pistons. I have now at great expense had the turbo and engine re built. The first question i have is what should i be expecting from the car? I have done 7000 miles since having the engine rebuilt so should be run in by now but i can only manage 45mpg if i am really carfull, i think this is very low for this engine, i was hoping for at least 50mpg. Another problem since having it back is that if you put your foot down and go over 3000 rpm and the service light comes on along with the check injection warning, the car looses power and will not go over 3000 rpm. If you turn the engine off and start it again the fault clears. I have had a diagnostic check done and it just comes up as an unknown fault. I had to have 2 of the injectors replaced that were damaged when the pistons melted, could it be another one may be damaged and this could be related to the poor fuel consumption? And finally last question, when you lock the car the lights on the dash for the hand brake light, mileage display and door open warning all stay on all the time, i have not left the car for a long period unused but surely this will flatten the battery not to mention blow the bulbs.
Right finished, sorry it's a long one but if antone has any ideas please let me know.

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