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I've just traded in my Renault Scenic due to the fact that the customer service I experienced from the dealer and Renault UK was diabolical.

I came to the Renault forum due to problems I was having with the Scenic (53 plate old shape) not starting and also cutting out on deceleration (scary when you lose power steering and brake assist on approach to busy roundabouts!!).
I had bought car new in MArch 2004, and it worked fine for 12-15 months or so, but then in May 2005 problems started, over next 18 months the dealer had the car in 8 times, for anything from 2 days to 14 days each visit.
they replaceed coils and TDC sensor but still after each visit, the car woudl run OK for several weeks and sometimes months before same symptoms started again.

By Sept 2006 I had 6 months of warranty left and began to become concerned I'd be liable for any reparis out of warranty, Renault UK refused to put anything in writing that the same symptoms would result in repairs at no expense to myself. The dealer sometimes gave car back saying they could not replicate fault (which I told them all along was intermittent).

The final starw was with 1 month left of warranty they hadned car back saying they couldn't fidn the fault and the car was OK, which is funnily what they had also said on the previous 7 occasions.

Renault UK offered me £500 off the best deal I could get frm the dealer network, but this wasn't exactly generous as VW were offering £1000 of Tourans at teh same time, so it was a no brainer.

I am thinking of issuing a small claims court summons for the fact that I was effectively forced to trade the car in at a lower price than I could have sold it for privately (I would not have felt comfortable selling the car privately as didn't want the come-back it woudl have caused when the problems re-occurred, at least through the dealer the next owner gets a bit of consumer protection), wondering if anybody else has gone down that route??

I suppose the only other way of looking at it is that I will never buy a renault again and would urge others to do like wise due to the crap customer service (in my mind I felt they spun out the remainder of the warranty period knowing the car woudl never be quite right).


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I can sympathise with the problems you encountered with your Scenic, It is a pity you could not have posted your problems earlier on the Forum as I am sure some Member would have helped resolve your problem or offered some assistance with dealing with Renault Customer Services.

I am not sure what route you could take re The Small Claims Court as you would need to have the vehicle independently inspected and if no fault found it would be very difficult to apportion blame and saying you would have realised a higher price in a private sale would be diffucult to prove, Possibly you could claim for the difference in trade in price and retail price ?, Did you try another Service Dept in The Renault franchise.

A number of Members have had trouble free motoring with their Renaults, I have had considerable faults with my Scenic II but have had very good service from my Dealer and to an extent RCS.


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