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Hi folks
Ok going to try and see if anyone can help me with a problem on my Safrane(actually own 2 of them!)
I have a 1994 Phase 1 2.2(J7T)manual engine and I have a strange misfire....
So I start the car up and it runs perfect for about 5 mins from cold,then suddenly a misfire develops.
It does not affect the way it drives at all,all smooth with no misfire/cutting out/holding back etc.
It only shows up at idle at a standstill,but gets better when fully hot with fan kicking in,doesn,t totally vanish but does seem better,so what have I done to try and fix this?
Full service including air/fuel filters and spark plugs,all genuine Renault.
Leads/cap/rotor genuine.
Coolant temp sensor new
Swopped coil(invoice shows as new a few months ago anyway)MAP sensor(S/H)
Removed each injector connector but this shows a real noticeable misfire.
New oxygen sensor.
Removed/cleaned idle valve.
Cleaned throttle body and ran with throttle position switch disconnected(put injection light on but went out when reconnected)
Have checked as best as I can any air leaks.
Ran with knock sensor disconnected.
Removed injection computer to check for water ingress or burning etc.
Moved various wires/loom to see if there is a change.
Ran injector fuel cleaner through the system.
Changed fuel pump relay.
All this work done and the idle misfire is STILL there!!!!
It has been suggested it might have a lazy fuel pump and struggles at idle,also the throttle position switch maybe faultly,i have put my XR25 onto it with no joy,so what do you think,surely an air leak would show up all the time?
The last MOT emmisions test shows...
Natural idle CO 0.00%
Any ideas would be great,one last thing,if it misfires and I turn the Safrane off,then restart it the misfire goes,but comes back again after a few mins,its as if something gets reset when you turn the car off.....

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just as a suggestion and may not be the same but just worth a go

back early 2004 is My ex brother in law had a 1998 Laguna 1.6 or 1.8 cant remember, but always got roped into fixing it... had a misfire just above idle was ok when nailing the 7 seas out of it.
we did leads, plugs, coil unit basically all we could think off, still slight miss rather than running on 3 of 4 cylinders. drove it for weeks like that.....
in early evening changing a light bulb I heard a crackling as car was revved, looked and could just see a spark jumping from ECU to it fixing bolt, unbolt ecu from chassis leg / inner wing (was n/s/f area) and the missing stopped.
drilled out the corroded ecu cover screws and the inside was full of flaked rust - cleaned it up, painted, resealed and car was fine for another 18 months until written off....
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