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I am so sorry if i have posted on the wrong area, but i have a RENAULT MEGANE FIDJI 16V VVT (1998cc PETROL, 2 Door COUPE).
I need to know what oil i need to put in the car? Can anyone advise?

Also, my car has been juddering when i pull off, it only started tonight, then when accelerating through the gears it feels like something is trying to pull me back? Does anyone know what this is? It also stalled on me when i geared down to go around a roundabout.
I'm scared to drive it!!!

Please help.

Nicola xxx

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Re: What oil?

Hmm, Opie Oils recommends 5W40 which sounds right to me! I was trying to have a look at online hand books for your vehicle on the MyRenault site but they don't appear to have the oil grade in the manual! If you have a service booklet in the car it should say in there which grade oil to use if you really want to confirm that 5W40 is the correct grade! I know the older models should run on 10W40 but you could upgrade the oil to 5W40 so I have no reason to see why Opie Oils would be incorrect!

Regarding the juddering issue; input TDC sensor into the search bar above. There are plenty of threads there which may help with that :)

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