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Hi guys,ive a fault on my Electronic Parking Brake on my 2010 Scenic 1.9 5 seater.
Ive had the red parking brake warning complete with yellow spanner,audible bongs etc come on!
On investigation the passenger side brake isnt applying at all. I removed the connector and all seemed ok.I then ran a current to the brake unit directly from a 12v feed and the brake locks on and releases when you switch the wires which im assuming proves the actual brake unit.
Ive removed the hand brake switch itself in the cabin and it appears to be clean with no signs of damage/burn out etc.
As experts will probably know the ECU is mounted high on the LHS above the left rear wheel so theres no chance of water ingress.
There seems to be a single? fuse for the hand brake so im assuming all is ok there because the RHS is working fine.
There doesnt seem to be too much info about but i read someone saying they hadnt known the ECU,and when i say that i mean the parking break one,not the main ECU to fail?
Anyway my next two moves,unless someone can advise better was to find the parking brake relay(s) and switch them over if there are 2 or replace possibly if theres one and then failing that i was going to replace the ECU itself (£35 Ebay S/H) because it will work out cheaper than taking it to a diagnostics place.
Can anyone tell me where the parking brake relays are situated,or if anyone has any better advice?
Thanks in advance!!
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