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hi every one, new to all this .i have a renault scenic 1.6 petrol 07 plate
I need to change the bottom ball joints both sides for mot .I have bought complete wishbones with ball joints fitted to them .I then took front wheel off today but could not see how i could slide the wishbone bolt out, thats the bolt thats pointed at one end with nut on cant see how you can slide bolt along as the sub frame is in the way ! ! ! does both wheels have to be lifted off the ground at the same time before you start

Have read a few of the old posts but just wanted to be on the safe side and double check as none of the cars were 07 plates, not sure if they were the same procedure. And one more thing is One of the ball joints looks like its a socket fit how do you get that out .
and one more thing is which ball joints do you losen first
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