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Hi, I have a problem with passenger window.

I changed motor to new, also changed button to new, but just drivers side window was working, I borrowed other button from my friends car Renault Trafic it looked same as mine and all the windows was working. So I bought Renault Trafic button from local store all windows was working, but after 5 minutes the cars windows fuse blown, I changed fuse and just one drivers side window was working again, so I was thinking the only problem that can be is regulator, so I changed regulator to new, but still the passengers window not working with renault scenic button or renault trafic button, it only open drivers window, checked all wires, wires doesn't have any damage. So I doesn't have any other idea how to fix my passengers side window.

Does anyone had same issue and can help to solve this problem ?

Sorry for bad english. :rolleyes:
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