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Here are some Pics Members might find useful if they have the need to remove the under-seat trays on Scenic IIs, The Pic's below apply to the drivers seat but the procedures would apply to all 4 trays where fitted.

Pic 1 arrows indicate where gentle but firm pressure should be applied to push the slider stops in then lifting the tray upwards and out so the tray can be removed

Pic 2 shows the detail on the tray sides

Pic 3 shows a view of the stop viewed from the tray front

Pic 4 shows the try sliders/mounts as viewed from inside the compartment once the tray has been removed

Pic 5 shows the tray been replaced by holding it as pictured locating the lugs on the runners and sliding the tray into place firmly but gently you will hear a click when the lugs locate

Pic 6 shows customised foam fitting I made for my Cameras and accessories easily at hand, safely out of sight, no rattling

Pic 7 shows connections/cabling located under drivers seat

As always take care when handling plastic components as they can be very easily damaged, Applying to much pressure/force to the tray lugs could result in them snapping

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Many thanks for your instructions which with the photographs readily solved my problem. Just a couple of minutes to remove the tray, retrieve documents and replace the tray.

Thank you again.

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