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Hello !

I have EGR problem, 2007,90ps ,dci, can someone give me a circuit diagram for EGR-ECU, how can i test for a wire break?
Fault code : P0409 and P0488
I removed the EGR valve ,and for 12v it is working fine the valve.(pinout 1-5 )

The electrical resistance pinout :
6-2 4,9Kohm
6-4 1,35Kohm
4-2 5,1 Kohm

I read that: the ECU on pinout -4- give 5 volt,,but my car zero volt the pin ECU give on pin -6- 4,9 volt .

thanks !!!!

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Sorry, don't think anyone has that information and we can't publish the original wiring diagrams for copyright reasons. If you have access to Autodata at a friendly garage it should show the details you need, there is a £10 trial Autodata Technical Vehicle Data | Autodata | UK
The other way would be to buy the wiring diagrams on Ebay
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