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My fairly new to me 06 trafic had a dodgy battery terminal that disconnected the battery while I was driving, the engine completely died for about a second then came back on with the clock and radio reset. It was a 2 mile drive for me to get home and it then cut out another 3 times but after the third time the glow plug light came on and stayed on while I was driving.

After getting home it stripped the terminal down and secured everything properly but after starting the engine the glow plug light came back on and stayed on. The van has been and continues to start and run perfectly and although I haven't taken it too far since, it feels the same to drive.

I got a code reader delivered earlier today and it's showing code P0711, I'm wondering whether the glow plug light has stayed on because of whatever happened with the battery and the code is just reporting that there was a problem that isn't necessarily there any more or if whatever happened with the battery has caused a problem that hasn't presented itself in any other way than the glow plug light being on or maybe something else all together?

Anybody able to offer any insight?

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