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I am driving a Renault Grand Scenic II. I need to get roof bars so I can attach a roofbox to the car. Is there a generic brand of roof bar that suit all / most Renaults and which people have found reliable?

This is my third Renault and I have had to buy roof bars each time I have changed cars because my old bars do not fit the new cars.

"That's to be expected" I hear you say but I live in rip off Ireland, which is far worse then rip off England ever was, and I'm tired of paying Renault for their model specific overpriced roof bars.

There is a branch of Halfords near where I live. Can anyone comment on whether Halford's advice is reliable or not?

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Hi Barnitron, if you want the OEM look, then you need to bite the bullet and go Renault :( , other wise both Thule and Atera make high quality bars with multi optional feet kits, so when you change your car all you need to do providing the bars are the correct length is change the foot/fitting kit, usually about £20 or so.

Ive owned both Thule and Atera over the years and there is not much between them .. Thule are easier to get a hold of and have a bigger range, and Atera if anything have the slight edge over quality but there is not much in it.

(IMHO forget the classic square bars from both as they dont take as much weight as the aero ones and are only marginally cheaper.):)

Both companies have web sites in english and UK dealers ... pays your money takes your choice :)

Halfords :( ... take other advice, but by all means purchase from them but you'll get a better deal elsewhere.

Hope it helps :)
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