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For a while I have been facing the following problem:
When I start the car for the first time after it rested for some hours (whether it's hot/cold, winter/summer), in the first few seconds I have an oscillating idle that comes with strange noises (gallops) and beats as if I were listening to music with drums.
After these few seconds, everything returns to normal. Moreover, if I start the car after I drove some time with it, it starts without these symptoms. While driving, the car works very well.
I did a scanner test and saved some graphics where the RPM oscillations appear (minute 38..39) and also saved some graphics where other sensors oscillate at the same time. Maybe someone manages to understand what the problem is. I thought about glow plugs, battery,EGR but I am not sure..
I will try to record the noises inside if they sound good.
Last year I replaced all the filters, oil, timing belt, pump and thermostat. But the problem appeared before.
Thank you.
PS: The car is a Renault Megane 3 1.5 dci 110hp


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