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Hi there,
I have had nothing but problems with this bloody scenic.

Anyway Ive had a long list of issues but at the minute car is running fine, starts first time but does smoke a bit.

I am getting rid and have spent lots of money to ensure its in the best possible order for the next owner.

The smoke is white and is visible on start up and for the first 50 or so yards.

I could easily warm the car up and say nothing to the buyer but that is not my style I would rather sort it out before it is sole any ideas folks??

Hopefully this is my last thread so a big thanks to everyone who has helped me, saved me a small fortune!!!!!!!!!!

Its a 2004 1.5 scenic 70,000 miles on clock thanks

Are you sure it's just not normal condensation coming from the exhaust.

You don't have to own a Renault to still contribute to the forum :) The knowledge you have gained of your trouble some 1.5 might be of help to other members when questions arise.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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